pink flowers

Brachychiton bidwillii Little Kurrajong

Tubestock from Kumbartcho 1 December 2020 Erect Open Habit Semi-Deciduous to 4 Metres High Full Sun / Semi-Shade Soil/ Conditions: Adaptable / Well-Drained Family: Sterculiaceae Natural Habitat: Dry Rainforest Flowers on bare branches from late winter. Responds well to pruning. Dark Green lobed hairy leaves to 20 cm long Red or Pink trumpet flowers to

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Canberra Gem

Grevillea Canberra Gem

A prickly grevillea with small pink flowers all year round, much loved by birds of all sizes. The Canberra Gem planted at the front in 2013 has grown to about 3m, although I have seen them kept down to 1 metre in other gardens. In 2017, the double-barred finches made a small, round nest about

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Pandorea Jasminoides – Bower of Beauty

Bought: Nambour Garden Show July 2016Planted: Against back fence to climb on wires (southfacing, gets sun in summer)Prefers full sun or part-shadePruning after flowering can restrain growth and plants respond well to hard pruning. It is important to note that Pandorea species develop a strong and penetrating root system and should not be planted near

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