Grevillea Canberra Gem

A prickly grevillea with small pink flowers all year round, much loved by birds of all sizes.

Canberra Gem

The Canberra Gem planted at the front in 2013 has grown to about 3m, although I have seen them kept down to 1 metre in other gardens.

In 2017, the double-barred finches made a small, round nest about 2 metres up. In 2019 there is a much bigger nest – I suspect it was the Noisy Friarbirds because the parents have been seen feeding a young one nearby.

Prickly plants like these offer important protection for birds.

Caper White butterfly stopping by – November 2 2020.

This came down in the storm in March 2021 as it bore the brunt of the winds. The bottom of the trunk split.  It didn’t survived. I will try to source another one as it makes great nesting habitat for little birds.

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