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Gardens and nature strips cover a much larger area of greenspace than parks and reserves, yet too often get left out of discussions about conservation and sustainability of the city. Added together, they make up thousands of hectares of land that can help tackle urban heat and other effects of climate change while providing more biodiversity and habitat for our wildlife.

Predominantly local native plants

Can you remember what you plant, when and where? Me neither. So I try to record all my plants here. Over the years, I’ve moved to more and more local plants, and now get new plants almost exclusively from local community nurseries.

This is a standard suburban garden, plus a verge garden that fits within the BCC guidelines. This verge garden went on to become the nature strips website and the inspiration for The Shady Lanes Project.

Wildlife who live and visit

Tree snake close-upIs it my garden, their garden, or our garden? 

I try to create habitat and nesting sites for the little birds who visit the bird baths every day. There is lots of leaf litter and mulch for the lizards, above ground ponds for the dragonflies but not the toads.

Here are just some of the birds, butterflies, and other critters who share this space.


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