Weeds and Biosecurity

What is Greenspace, anyway?

In debates about the environment, urban planning and development, the need for greenspace is a bit of an accepted wisdom. “Protect our greenspace” is the one argument against a new development that nobody dares argue with. But what do people really mean when they talk about greenspace? Does everyone mean the same thing? Do they […]

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Why I Won’t Be Growing An Edible Verge

I was among those who was delighted when the BCC came out with their new policy allowing verge gardens in 2016. But there were also complaints from the edible verge movement that it didn’t include lots of edible foods in its suggested plants. The guidelines didn’t forbid edibles, it just didn’t push their barrow. I

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Verge Planting – Brisbane City Council Guidelines

The Brisbane City Council guidelines are at https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/clean-and-green/natural-environment-and-water/plants-trees-and-gardens/verge-gardens What about trip hazards? A common trip hazard is border edges so your garden must be flush with the concrete path if you have one. The BCC permits organic mulch and I use a thin layer of mulch to protect the soil while waiting for the plants

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