Community Gardens

Community Gardens are usually thought of as purpose built gardens built by authorised groups on public land or community gardens for residents in apartments, townhouses, aged care units etc. Some schools and other organisations are building shared gardens with an aim towards education and social change.

Some consider verge gardens to be community gardens, with the urban street gardens at Buderim being a prime example. While their verge gardens may well also be a community garden, I consider verge gardens to be quite different in terms of intention and responsibility. See the Verge Garden category here.

What is Greenspace, anyway?


In debates about the environment, urban planning and development, the need for greenspace is a bit of an accepted wisdom. “Protect our greenspace” is the one argument against a new development that nobody dares argue with. But what do people really mean when they talk about greenspace? Does everyone mean the same thing? Do they… Read more

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Verge Planting – Brisbane City Council Guidelines

Verge Planting – Brisbane City Council Guidelines thumbnail

The Brisbane City Council have finally given in to pressure from green-fingered residents and now has a policy to allow gardening on verges or native strips in front of houses. Their guidelines were announced in August 2016 and updated in March 2017. They can be accessed here and the Brisbane Times article with some interesting… Read more

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