Exotic (A-Z)

Cenchrus purpurascens

There is some dispute about its status as a native and the weed potential so I will keep this one trimmed back, and remove flowers. Links: https://www.anbg.gov.au/gnp/interns-2003/cenchrus-purpurascens.html


This pale yellow clivia is by the path to the front door. It has moved around a little but seems to have found its niche. Poor clay soil, deep shade in winter, not so deep in summer. I cut off the seed pods after the first show of flowers and sometimes get a second. Plants [...]

Dichorisandra thyrsiflora

Often called blue ginger, but is not really a ginger. Given to me by Jeff S. Moved into the new front west garden. Full shade. Discovered by the blue-banded bee on the first day.  

Bamboo to Block the Western Sun

There are two ways to get shade – to build it or to grow it – and I need shade on the western side of the house. When we moved here there was a mock orange hedge – horrible thing.  It was two metres high but didn’t block the sun, it billowed out and filled [...]

This stuff grows anywhere, tolerates poor and dry soil, strikes from small pieces. Small yellow flowers.  The blue tongue lizards like it. I was a bit concerned about weed potential but it seems to spread, not jump and is easy to pull out.  To kill completely, just sheet-cover or out-compete. Alyssum can beat it. August [...]