Hibiscus splendens

Hibiscus splendens is a large, sprawling, dry-rainforest shrub that grows 3-6 metres high.

Hibiscus splendens

The leaves are hairy and slightly prickly. Stems can be prickly. Flowers are large, pink and typical hibiscus shape. Individual flowers open and close with the sun but only last 1-2 days but new flowers continue to open over a long period, generally from spring through to summer.

Pink have a red centre and are followed by hairy seed capsules. The hairs on the capsules can cause severe skin irritation and need to be handled with care.

hibiscus flower

They respond well to severe pruning and strike readily from cuttings. Tubestock are generally available from local community nurseries. Said to be an Aboriginal Food, Medicine and Tool Source

Harlequin bug on hibiscus

Common names include hollyhock tree and pink cottonwood.
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