Philydrum lanuginosum – Frogsmouth

Frogsmouth shown here in a pot with some Mazus Pumilio partly submerged in the front pond. It started as a tiny tubestock from the Nambour show and was growing well with many flower spikes about  metre long. You can see how it gets its name from the yellow flowers – one just visible in the top of this photo just to the right of center. The flower stalks are weirdly hairy. The leaves are fleshy and easily damaged.

It blew over in a storm and was dunked for several hours. Many older leaves went brown and the flowers were spent so photo below is after a good haircut. Or maybe a bad haircut. Maybe it is time to split and repot.

Philydrum lanuginosum – Frogsmouth

Aspect: Full Sun / Semi-Shade
Soil/Conditions: In or near water
Description: Erect Tufting habit, Evergreen Perennial, Long fleshy leaves to 60 cm long, flowers to 2 Metres High
Yellow flowers to 15 mm in Winter to Summer, Hairy capsule fruit to 10 mm
Family: Philydracea

Said to be…
  • Bird Attracting but the birds in my garden have shown no interest that I’ve noticed.
  • Frog Habitat but still waiting for those frogs
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