Woohoo, I’m getting a street tree

Our street has several street trees but for some reason there are gaps – and there’s a big gap on both sides of the street in front of our house. Did little trees die from neglect?  Did someone remove them?  Where they ever there?

So, I phoned the Brisbane City Council call centre 3403 8888 and asked if we could have a street tree.

Of course, but please water it while it gets established.

Blue dot marking the line for street tree planting. Gutter on one side. Weeds that pass for grass verge on the other.

Today I had a phone call. They will plant a tree to match the others sometime in the next six weeks. A blue dot marks the spot – and please remember to water it.

Well done BCC staff. The tree will be the centrepiece of the new native verge garden between the path and the road. And yes I’ll keep a close eye on it and water as necessary.

Brisbane residents, get your street tree now – just ring the call centre on 3403 8888


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