Verge Update July 2019

It’s two years since the main verge was planted out. The street tree is thriving. The westringia against the road are well establised. Myoporum (in the foreground right) seems to be indestructible and has tiny white flowers. Cuttings strike well.

Main verge July 2019


Pink and white cosmos have come up from seed and brightens the mid-winter garden.

The postie path on the left has just had a top up with mulch. It is essential that you allow for people going about their work when you design your garden. The salvia in the little triangle have been cut back and an osteospermum is growing well.

The informal lilly pilly hedge has fruit for the birds and other wildlife. Quite a contrast to the neat hedges beyond.

Cosmos in front of midgen berry plants

The midgen berry grows slowly behind the cosmos. These were tubestock babies 2 years ago and have had their first fruit.

paper Daisies on verge
Paper Daisies getting close to flowering. Kangaroo paw, and banksia birthday candles.

The other side of the tree, paper daisies (Xerochrysum bracteatum) are close to flowering. Banksia Spinulosa Dwarf – Cherry Candles on bottom right is showing new growth. Kangaroo Paw looking healthy, dianella struggling. Apart from the odd weed, the groundcover is dichondra repens.

Below is the view when you approach from the east. There are those neat hedges again and the footpath the neighbour’s visiting gardener does every two weeks. It has been very dry.

Approaching from the east - there isn't much life here
Approaching from the east – there isn’t much life here.

and a few steps on…

Westringia on the left have just had a haircut. It’s a leisurely job three or four times a year at most. Osteospermum on the right. The right garden faces south and is shaded most of the day.

If you look closely at these two photos above, you’ll see the small street tree on the other neighbour’s side, between mine and the larger tree beyond.
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