Graptophyllum ilicifolium – Holly Fuschia

Holly Fuschia is a  pretty shrub with leaves that look and feel like holly leaves but red fushia-like flowers rather than berries.  If you have fond memories of holly from the Northern Hemisphere – or associate it with Christmas – this is a good substitute. But it is much more than that.

Graptophyllum ilicifolium – Holly Fuschia Leaves

The flowers suit the beaks of little brown honeyeaters and the bush offers them lots of protection. Also popular with the noisy friarbirds.

Graptophyllum ilicifolium – Holly Fuschia dense bush offers protection for small birds

I have two. One in a native bed on the east side of the house. A newer smaller one in the native square on the west side.

    • Evergreen Perennial
    • Green glossy oval leaves
    • Shrub to 5 Metres High. Mine has got up to 2m.  It prunes easily.
    • Semi-Shade / will tolerate Full Sun
    • Red flowers to 35 mm in Spring
    • Slow growing at first, but then grows rapidly

Would also make a good hedge or pot plant
Listed as Vunerable Species

Here it is flowering in July 2018