Dianella caerulea

Taller than Dianella brevipendunctulata, grows up to a metre high and wide.

Also known as blue flax-lily, blueberry lily, or paroo lily

3 x Tubestocks Kumbartcho Nursery December 2019

Dianella caerulea

I have put them against the fence beside the bins – a previously unloved piece of ground, but also on the blue tongue’s pathway from their breeding spots to the rest of the garden.

Mixed with annual sunflowers for this first year.  Perhaps they will protect the sunflowers from the wind – there is not a spot in my garden that is always protected from wind.
In front of them is a small Graptophyllum ilicifolium – Holly Fuschia and the three of the shorter Dianella brevipendunctulata

Added 20 on the front mound to hold the soil together 6/10/2020

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