Dianella brevipendunctulata – Blue Flax-Lily

Dianella berries (November 2018)

Dianella berries (November 2018) on front verge. Rich purple berries follow delicate flowers.

Bought as tubestock (3), Kumbartcho, December 2016.
Planted on west side of tank.

Bought as tubestock (30), Kumbartcho, December 2016.
Planted on south side of verge.

Dianella flowering

Dianella flowering September-October 2022. This is blue tongue territory. Sweet peas in foreground, Doryanthes excelsa – Gymea Lilly on left with Alpinia caerulea behind (pond out of sight on left) Background – Baeckea frutescens and lomandra with pathway then lilly-pilly hedge.

Label says:
Herb to 60 cm High
Aspect: Full Sun / Semi-Shade
Soil/Conditions: Dry / Well-Drained
Evergreen Perennial, Dark Green arching strap-like leaves to 1 M
Purplish flowers on shorter spikes to 10 mm in Spring
Dark Blue to Purple berry fruit to 10 mm
Family: Hemerocallidaceae
• Host Plant for Large Dingy Skipper and Yellow Banded Dart Butterflies
• Bird Attracting
• Aboriginal Tool and Food Source
• Soil Binding Plant for slope

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