Cissus antarctica (Kangaroo Vine)

Natives (A-Z), Planting for Wildlife

Cissus Antarctica

Tubestock from Kumbartcho Nursery December 2016
Planted in pot on vertical wall on back fence behind pond. Will receive some shelter from sun in summer and be all shade in winter (south-facing).

Label says: Scrambling / Climbing Woody Vine or Ground Cover to 5 Metres, Evergreen Perennial, Bright Green leaves to 12 cm, Yellowish flowers to 5mm, Purplish-Black grape-like edible fruit

Semi-Shade / Shade
Soil/Conditions: Moist / Well-Drained

  • Joseph’s Coat Moth Host Plant
  • Bird Attracting
  • Hanging Basket plant
  • Indoor Plant
  • Aboriginal Food and Tool Source
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