Reframing Lawn – Zoysia Nara Native Turf

Early this year, I finally got rid of the last bit of the dreaded couch lawn – from both inside the yard and out on the verge. No need for all the mowing paraphenalia. No need for the shed.

Then I went to the Nambour Garden Show and saw a stand with Zoysia Nara Native turf. Hmmm. The man from I Love Turf kindly gave me a small sod to bring home. I put it in an old square pot and left it for a while. It greened up nicely. Hmmm.

Finally, I gave in – ordered 1 square metre of turf online and drove up to the farm to collect it. One square metre was more than enough to cover the 6 old square pots that had been hanging around for years.

And here it is…

When you think about it, turf always looks so much better up high in the displays than it does down at your feet.

It’s lush, cool, and so very touchable. And here is the long view…

You can use them as a table and children can even use them as seats.

Mowing is a quick clip with some hand shears.

Zoysia Nara Native turf is available from I Love Turf at Coochin Creek on the Sunshine Coast.

Update: 2021  Grass was cut into smaller pieces and now forms a grass path.  Lawn again but slower growing and less invasive than most grasses. Had its first mow with the toy electric mower May 2021.  But with grass comes edges!

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