February Posts & Jobs in the Garden

Planting & Propagation

Plant flowers: alyssum, cosmos, marigold, petunia, salvia, sunflower, zinnia
Plant food: capsicum, choko, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, pumpkin, squash, radish, sweet corn, tomato, zucchini

Flowers & Harvesting

Flowering in February: Kangaroo Paw continues, basil, coleus, cosmos, allysum, geranium, petunias, dahlia, mustard, salvia, scaevola (fan flower), sunflower, native violet, zinnias. Peaches & Cream Grevillea, Lyrebid Grevillea.

Green Pots


These are the Smart Green pots which are a bit like mini-wicking beds. Numbers on the side B1, B2 etc make it easy to keep track of what’s planted where. In early February, I set some up along the north-facing, back wall of the house. They still receive harsh summer sun so I placed some… more…

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