Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass

Known as Kangaroo Grass.  According to Kumbartcho, local habit is
Tussock Forming Erect Habit Evergreen Perennial to 60 cm High
Full Sun, Adaptable / Well-Drained

Green slender leaves to 50 cm
Flowers in spikes to 1.5 Metres high in Spring to Summer
Brown pointed seed capsules to 7 cm, often pendulous

Family: Poaceae
Natural Habitat: Eucalypt Forest

Special Features:

  • Bird Attracting
  • Butterfly Attracting
  • Grey Kangaroo Food Plant

The clumps can be cut back in early spring to encourage new green growth.

Themeda triandra on left, Poa labillardieri  on right

Tubestock from Kumbartcho 27 Nov 2020

planted in one of the grass habitat pots for the Double-Barred Finches



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