Pultenaea villosa

Commonly called Hairy Pea Bush or Kerosene Bush or ‘Eggs and Bacon’, member of the pea-flower family Fabaceae. Tubestock from Kumbartcho 1 December 2020 planted in front bed under acacia fimbriata Not sure if the one at H26 is Pultenaea retusa or¬†Pultenaea villosa

Sophora fraseri

Tubestock from Kumbartcho 1 Dec 2020 Planted in front bed between pond and acacia fimbriata Small Leaved Necklace Pod. Sparsely branched shrub to two metres with bright pea-like yellow flowers Full Sun / Shaded Soil Conditions: Adaptable, prefers Moist Description: Erect Spreading Habit Evergreen Perennial Yellow pea flowers to 10mm long in sprays to 10 [...]