Scaevola – Fan Flower

Scaevola is suddenly fashionable. It’s a pretty plant with flowers that look like half a daisy – hence fan flowers.

Scaevola - Fan Flower
Scaevola – Fan Flower

In the new bed between the tank and the house, I have Aussie Winners – aemula which has larger, softer leaves and larger flowers, and some slightly smaller cheaper versions from Ridgy-Didge. They have morning sun and are in shade from about 11am.

There is one with even smaller leaves and flowers on the slope at the front that came from a native nursery at a garden show.

Attracts native bees and birds

Kumbartcho offer 3 – I will ask them which would be best for the verge.

  • Scaevola aemula (Fairy Fan Flower)
  • Scaevola albida (Small-Fruited Fan Flower)
  • Scaevola calendulacea (Dune Fan Flower)
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