Ozothamnus diosmifolius – Rice Flower

Common names: Sago Bush, Rice Flower, White Dogwood, Pill Flower

Shrub to 2.5 Metres High by 2 Metres Spread
Full Sun / Semi-Shade, Adaptable
Description: Dense Upright Habit Evergreen Perennial

Dark Green aromatic leaves to 15 mm long White flowers in 3 mm clusters of 20 to 100 in Spring to Summer

  • Attracts Australian Painted Lady Butterfly

This is one of my favourite plants. I already have some but they tend to get very leggy, possible because or clay soil, lack of water, or lack of pruning. I’ve spotted baby stick insects on these plants.

I’ve bought several – at tubestock prices you can afford to experiment – and will try in various locations to find somewhere it likes.

Ozothamnus diosmifolius tubestock from Kumbartcho Nursery December 2019
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