Orthosiphon aristatus – Cat’s Whiskers

Bought as tubestock at Kumbartcho Nursery 10/12/2016

Planted at the base of a birdbath by the back tap. The little birds – fairy wrens, brown honeyeaters and willy wagtails, perch on the bottle tree, take a dip, then back up to dry.

The purple-flowered Orthosiphon aristatus doesn’t seem as hardy as the white with purple tips.
Wikipedia – orthosiphon aristatus

Herb Cottage – Cat’s Whiskers says to cut back after flowering. Cuttings may root in water or soil.

Label says:

  • Round bushy, shrub to 1m in sun or semi-shade.  Likes well drained, moist soil.
  • Dark green leaves to 5cm long. White/lavender flowers in spring and summer.
  • Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Benefits from a good pruning. There are now many of these around the garden and on the verge – some from cuttings, some self-seeded.

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