Pool fences make good supports for vertical gardens

Pool fences are necessary – ugly, inconvenient, but necessary if you have a pool.

But we no longer have a pool which means the fences can come down.  Woohoo!

I can walk from the front to the back garden without negotiating two gates. Plus, without the fence cutting across your line of vision, the garden seems three times the size.

So what to do with the fences?  Here they are below – turned 90 degrees and attached to the fence. They are well on their way to becoming vertical gardens. The aim is to have them more densely planted with pots that can be moved around and replaced easily. Tip: Junk shops can be a better source of S hooks than big hardware stores.


Pool fences as vertical garden supports
Pool fences as vertical garden supports.

These were the longest panels and only needed a little taken off the top and they rest on the ground. The fence panels are aluminium so they’re light and won’t rust.

I have bale gardens at the bottom which collect all the drips from the pots. The bales will decompose over the next year and help build up the soil below which was under paving that surrounded the pool.

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