Indigofera australis

Tubestock from Kumbartcho 6-10-2020

Full Sun / Semi-Shade Soil/Conditions: Adaptable

Description: Spreading Open Habit Evergreen Perennial

Blue-Green velvety leaves to 4 cm on Purple stems
Pink to Light Purple flowers to 6 mm on spikes to 15 cm in Spring

Bright Green spotted seed pods to 45 mm

Family: Fabaceae

Natural Habitat: Open Eucalypt Forest

Special Features:

• Bird Attracting
• Bee Attracting
• Nitrogen Fixing Plant

nectar and food source for butterflies. It will flower through spring, with spires of pink to purple blooms. Growing to around 2 metres tall and wide

The leaves and stems can be used for natural dyes, and give a soft yellow colour.


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