Hibbertia scandens

Also known as snake vine, climbing Guinea flower or golden Guinea vine

Tubestock from Kumbartcho, planted in north-east corner near fence – January 2017

Strikes well from cuttings.

One against eastern wall. One growing up dividing fence on western side. And one on the front fence as a backdrop to the verge garden.

Here’s a blue-banded bee on the flowers. Longer video here.


a fairly vigorous climber or scrambler, growing to 2 to 5 metres long. It has elliptic to obovate leaves 3-9cm long by 1-3 cm wide. The large golden yellow flowers, 5-7cm across, occur throughout the year but are most commonly seen in late Spring and Summer.

Wikipedia.org – Hibbertia_scandens

“The yellow flowers have been reported as having an unpleasant odour variously described as similar to mothballs or animal urine or sweet but with “a pronounced faecel element”. (Oh no! but I haven’t noticed.)

Grows in semi-shaded areas, it flowers best in full sun

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