Leptospermum polygalifolium – Wild May

Bought as tubestock from Kumbartcho Nursery 10/12/2016

Planted toward eastern end of back fence. Sprawling shrub, needs tying to fence.

Wild May – currently not a lot bigger than the lambs ear beside it.

Round, dense shrub to 4m tall.  Sun/semi-shade. White flowers in spring. Attracts birds and bees. Leaves aromatic when crushed.

ANPSA “Usually found in sandy or sandstone-derived soils but sometimes found in basalt soil or rocks, often in moist depressions or along watercourses. ”

October 2020. Not so dense but possibly because of position that is shaded in winter so it grows out to catch the sun.  Or maybe I should prune it more. Lovely flowers.

Blue Tiger butterfly – Tirumala Hamata 20 October 2020

Caper White Butterflies stop by 2 November 2020

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