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Verge Update July 2019

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It’s two years since the main verge was planted out. The street tree is thriving. The westringia against the road are well establised. Myoporum (in the foreground right) seems to be indistructible and has tiny white flowers. Cuttings strike well.   Pink and white cosmos have come up from seed and brightens the mid-winter garden. The… Read more

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Update July 2014

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Weather has been very cold, windy and dry. Days are getting longer, sun moving south. Eastern beds 13/7/2014 – Narrowed bed 2 and moved bed 1 away from the side of the pool, leaving a new path. Found ginger and a large red sweet potato. Cleared nasturiums, planted parsley seedlings. Tomatoes starting to fruit. Plan… Read more

July Posts, Garden Jobs & Reminders