Verge Update – end of July 2017

The sunny side of the verge is starting to look more like a garden. The annuals – alyssum, nasturtiums and strawflowers are filling space while the tubestock natives are growing. The alyssum is flowering, attracting bees, keeping weeds down and making the mulch path look like a path – no hard borders are allowed under the BCC guidelines.

This first season involves some regular weeding. Once groundcover is established that task will reduce. And it’s less work than grass.

Just imagine if the garden extended all the way down the street.

Planting now includes Banksia Cherry Candles (Banksia spinulosa dwarf) from James, Myoporum Parvifolium cutting from back garden, Scaevola in front of street tree.

 What’s So Special about Verges and Nature Strips?

There is a tendency to think of native strips or verges as just another form of public greenspace like parks and community gardens. And a less important one, at that.
But this space – between the front property line and the road – has some special features that set it apart from other public land. Read more here…