Update July 2014

Weather has been very cold, windy and dry. Days are getting longer, sun moving south.

Eastern beds

13/7/2014 – Narrowed bed 2 and moved bed 1 away from the side of the pool, leaving a new path. Found ginger and a large red sweet potato.

  1. Cleared nasturiums, planted parsley seedlings. Tomatoes starting to fruit. Plan from north – spinach, parsley, lettuce (amish deers tongue).
  2. Pepino flowering, Lots o Lemon flowering, strawberrys need feeding. Added 2 purple beans to pea tower.
  3. Peas on the trellis are producing well, cauliflower leaves growing – lots of caterpillars. Cleared sorrel and rocket.
  4. Perpetual lettuce reviving after transplant, self-seeded lettuce, tomato starting to fruit. Added trellis and planted drawf peas.
  5. Against the fence – Mr Possum has eaten the leaves off the grapevine. Pineapple has a tiny fruit. Spinach ok but needs more water.
  6. Green pots. Peas and tomatoes doing well – need higher trellis. Mesclun mix not getting eaten – replaced with lettuce. Moved garlic green pot to try to get more sun.
  7. Around the compost bin – zucchini sown (seeds may be old)

17/7/2014 –

  • Capsicum seedlings

Western Strip

13/7/2014 –

  • Planted baby spinach seedlings around pot of chives in bottom layer of worm tower
  • Kale in green pot not doing well – something is eating it.
  • Mr Possum still eating all the pigeon pea
  • Tomatoes starting to flower, sweet peas against the clothes line apron finally growing well.
  • Peas starting to produce – get blown about by wind a lot. Lettuces doing well at their feet.
  • Cranberry hibiscus looking dry and neglected. Lots of flowers.
  • bamboo in pots very dry – must remember to water more


  • baby spinach in bed opposite laundry door.

Back Garden

Sun is starting to come back

  • ┬áChoko not doing much but has a new shoot.

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