Chequered Swallowtail caterpillar on the host plant Cullen tenax in the front garden (19 Feb 2022. Photo includes some leaves from Hovea acutifolia) and a few weeks later… and from the side (10 March 2022) (10 March 2022) A butterfly friendly garden needs host plants, food plants, water, and to be free of herbicides and pesticides.

3/2/2021 about 4pm – this beautiful green tree snake was enjoying the sun on top of the front fence. These snakes are not venomous, and eat mainly frogs, fish and small reptiles. More than 1.5 metres long – if you look closely you can see the end of its tail in the bushes. He/she didn’t [...]

Green Tree Frog – Litoria caerulea

Just before the rain on 25 January 2021, we found this large green tree frog (Litoria caerulea) on the back wall. Maybe it was getting some insects attached to the lights. Links Green, blue and yellow tree frogs

Westringia is a very hardy, versatile little shrub. You can let it grow wild or trim into neat balls. It’s an ideal plant for the nature strip. Westringia fruticosa has white flowers right through the year Westringia eremicola has slightly finer, greener leaves and purple/lilac flowers. Westringia just needs an occasional trim to keep a ball [...]