Plunkett Mallee – Eucalyptus Curtisii

Eucalyptus curtisii, or Plunkett mallee, is a small tree that is native to Queensland in Australia. It is a mallee eucalyptus that grows from 2 to 7 metres in height and has smooth, grey bark that peels in long strips. The adult leaves are 6 to 13 cm long and 10 to 25 mm wide. It has prominent creamy-white flowers that appear in late spring. Its natural distribution is within a limited area in the south-east corner of Queensland. (wikipedia)

Label says: Small tree to 7m. Bird attracting. Masses of white flowers in spring and summer.
Note: Kumbartcho label says to to 10 Metres High

Bought Native Plant Sales: September 2016

Planted against back fence




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