December 2016 Planting & Update

Eastern Garden

I combined the two metal beds to eliminate the corner sections crushed be the digger during the pool renovation.  In the middle I put a reed avocado tree and created a mound of mixed soil and Activ8. On three sides there is a straw bale extended outwards to the border. This effectively breaks it into 3 beds.

  • In the south-east bed, planted bush beans and lettuce seedlings (which were well overdue for planting out) to join the existing perpetual leeks.
  • In the south-west bed, planted perpetual spinach seedlings to join the existing parsley, okinawa spinach and basil.
  • In the north bed, contined the perpetual spinach seedlings along the border and put basil seedlings along the front of one bale.
  • Cucumber seedlings planted in the tops of the bales.
  • Dog Rose and Plumbago in native bed are growing well.

North Garden

  • Cleared the bed under the Eureka lemon tree and planted lettuce seedlings and spring onions.
  • Along back fence: (east to west)   Hovea acutifolia, Leptospermum polygalifolium – Wild May, Leptospermum luehmannii, Plunkett Mallee, Hardenbergia


  • beetroot, onions (east fence)
  • Carrot, beetroot,
  • Zuchinni,
  • Cucumber
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