Enchylaena tomentosa – Ruby Saltbush

Bought as tubestock from Kumbartcho Nursery, December 2016.
Planted in south-west corner. Very shaded so plant is quite leggy.

Bought a second plant Kumbartcho Nursery, December 2019 for the verge.

Enchylaena tomentosa – Ruby Saltbush tiny tubestock plant on the right no bigger than the paper daisy

Shrub to 0.5 Metres High by 1 Metre across
Aspect: Full Sun
Soil/Conditions: Adaptable / Moist to Sandy
Description: Dense Prostrate Habit
Evergreen Perennial
Grey-Green cylindrical semi-succulent leaves to 20 mm
Insignificant flowers in Spring / Summer
Bright Red depressed-globular fruit to 8 mm
Special Features:
• Bird Attracting
• Rockery Plant
• Fruit goes from Green to Yellow to Red
• Edible berries, but need a lot for a meal

Ruby Saltbush tube stock December 2019


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