Stenocarpus ‘Doreen’

Stenocarpus ‘Doreen’ – according to its tag is an attractive medium shrub with delicate mid-green foilage and large clusters of creamy flowers in summer. Full sun to part shade, 2m high and 1.5m wide. It has done well but a couple of years later it is more like 4m high and .75 m wide – possibly reaching for the sky due to being shaded by the wattle tree.

Stenocarpus Doreen
Stenocarpus ‘Doreen’ when first planted in the native strip. Wall faces west.

It is a pleasant, hardy plant and popular with small birds. Due to its upright and narrow habit, I have a planted a second Stenocarpus ‘Doreen’ in the small back garden. I think it would also look very good as an informal high hedge.

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