Grevillea ‘Golden Lyre’

Hybrid of the Grevillea ‘Honey Gem’, it’s easy to see how this small tree is got its name. As it grows taller, prunning the lower branches provides an attractive view of its twisting trunk.

I have/had two, one in the main front garden which gained favourable comments from visitors. A second is near the bins at the top of the west front.

Grevillea Golden Lyre Feb 2019 after spectacular flowering in January.

Being in a central bed gives this one plenty of room. Even then it needs pruning back as well as clearing the undergrowth to expose the shape of the trunks.

Very popular with larger birds, including blue-faced honeyeaters and rainbow lorikeets.

October 2020, a webinar confirmed my growing suspicions that this tree was not just detrimental to the plants in the garden bed below but also to the smaller birds as they’d go around it to get from the Graptophyllum ilicifolium (Holly Fuschia) to the Acacia fimbriata. Time for them to go.

I have kept the trunk and now the birds use it as a perching spot. There were no nests found as either tree was dismantled. I think the foliage was too dense for the small birds to feel safe.

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