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These are the Smart Green pots which are a bit like mini-wicking beds. Numbers on the side B1, B2 etc make it easy to keep track of what’s planted where.

In early February, I set some up along the north-facing, back wall of the house. They still receive harsh summer sun so I placed some boards across to block out some sun. This spot is too windy for filmsy shadecloth structures and it is easy to rearrange the boards as the sun goes over.

For support, I used some mesh panels resting on the bottom tray of the pot, twist-tied together at the top to make a triangle.

B1 – B1 – 1Feb 17 – transplanted cucumber which was struggling on the vertical wall, planted seeds spring onion, lettuce

B2 -1 Feb 17 – beetroot, lettuce seeds from plants elsewhere in garden

B3 – 5 Feb 17 – planted seeds Cos Romaine lettuce,  Ross’s Lunga pink onions, Paris Market small orange carrots

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