Front Pond and Native Pond Plants

In December 2013, my Christmas present to myself was a pond. It’s in the front bed which means the morning sun comes in at the side.

Plants are:

  • NYMPHOIDES PURPLE MOZAIC – Yellow water fringe lily . Bought from Mappins at West End – said that it needs 5 hours of sun to flower (less than the white version).  It gets that much sun in the summer, not in winter.  Flowered well in the 2014 summer.
  • Azolla – floating on the surface. It is supposed to be edible, fixes nitrogen and carbon and could play a part in fighting climate change (wiki)
  • MYRIOPHYLLUM papillosum – Water Milfoil – Australian native, habitat for fish and frogs
  • VALLISNERIA gigantea – Ribbon weed – Australian native, oxygenator.
  • Baumea articulata  (Jointed Twig Rush)

Five Pacific Blue-eyes introduced for mosquito control and they have bred at least once.

Cane Toads and Ponds.

I chose an above-ground pond with smooth vertical sides to keep the cane toads out.  Online searches give a range of views about how high cane toads can jump – usually recommending 40, 50 or 60cm fences. I was assured by someone with Brisbane water pots that 30cm should be enough.

This seemed to work until I had a small jade plant going spare and put it at the side of the pond to hide the black plastic.  A couple of nights later I found a toad lounging in the pond. And again the next night.  Removed the plant and the next time I saw the toad it was sitting looking forlornly at the side of the pond. It had lost its ladder.

The mesh is to keep the grandchildren out but it doesn’t stop them dropping stones in. A balloon pump with a tube attached makes a fun bubble-blower.


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