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Mentha satureioides – Bush Mint

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Bush Mint sometimes referred to as “Native Pennyroyal” Mat-forming herb, rhizomatous and often producing ascending to prostrate branches at nodes; branches glabrous or covered with short spreading hairs. Grows in sandy-clay to clay-rich soils, frequently in grassy areas Sun or shade, attracts bees & insects. Tiny, white flowers will attract bees in summer. The plant… Read more

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Artanema fimbriatum – Koala Bells

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Perennial, erect stems with dark green leaves and purple/ blue flowers in Spring/Summer. Shade tolerant, moist. Use as hanging basket, pot plant, or in a rockery. Will grow bushier when cut right back after flowering. Herb/Shrub grows to about 1 m tall. Also called Native Snapdragon Said to attract the Blue-banded Bee 3 Tubestock from… Read more

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Glycosmis trifolata – Pink Lime Bush

Glycosmis trifolata – Pink Lime Bush thumbnail

Glycosmis trifoliata – known as Òrange Berry or Pink Lime Bush Rounded open habit, evergreen, perennial shrub to 4 Metres Full Sun / Semi-Shade Moist /Well-Drained Green glossy leaves to 15 cm long White flowers to 5 mm in clusters in Spring to Summer Pink soft berry fruit to 12 mm diameter Family: Rutaceae Natural Habitat: Dry… Read more

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Graptophyllum spinigerum “Spiny Fuchsia”

Graptophyllum spinigerum “Spiny Fuchsia” thumbnail

Also known as Queensland Holly or Veiny Graptophyllum Understory plant in Wet Sclerophyll Forest (Full Shade / Filtered Sun but will tolerate full sun) A compact rounded shrub with attractive dark green leaves, and white flowers in Spring. The fruit is club-shaped and about 1cm. long. Attracts Carpenter Bee, Blue-banded Bee and stingless bees. Tubestock… Read more

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