Months & Seasons

  • January hot, often wet.
  • February still hot
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June shortest days. Warm sunny days, cold nights.
  • July days start getting longer. Warm sunny days, cold nights.
  • August early Spring. Can be very dry. Dry westerly winds.
  • September Spring. Can be very dry.
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • March 2017


    Early March and it’s still very hot, very dry.  Promised rain seems to go around us. On the verge: Gerberas have come up for their second season and are flowering well. The soil has definitely improved. Zinnias are still flowering. A blue dot marks where the street tree will go. March 19, 2017: After yet… Read more

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    January 2017

    January 2017 thumbnail

    January 2017 was very hot, very dry. Bird baths sometimes needed topping up twice a day. On the verge: Zinnias, salvia, geranium, sedum holding up well. Gerberas have come back to life. Seems too hot for cosmos. Osteospermum struggling and a few plants have given up. Seeds planted in trays – spinach, asparagus pea, capsicum… Read more

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    Update July 2014


    Weather has been very cold, windy and dry. Days are getting longer, sun moving south. Eastern beds 13/7/2014 – Narrowed bed 2 and moved bed 1 away from the side of the pool, leaving a new path. Found ginger and a large red sweet potato. Cleared nasturiums, planted parsley seedlings. Tomatoes starting to fruit. Plan… Read more

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    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera thumbnail

    I bought one small Aloe Vera in 2010… From that one, I now have many plants. The aloe vera is the one plant that thrives just about anywhere and can withstand the wind. I plant it anywhere there is a gap so that there is some handy for ant and wasp bites. The flowers are a… Read more

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    Kangaroo Paw


    I planted two Kangaroo Paws in a hurry on the native strip in March 2011 before I went away for 3 weeks.  They grew steadily through the winter but were doing nothing much when we went away in early September.  Six weeks later (mid-October), we returned to this… and this… It’s a west-facing wall –… Read more

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