Melastoma malabathricum was Melastoma affine (Blue Tongue)

(was Melastoma affine, also known as Native Lassiandra)

6 March 2021 – after the rain I have found both my Melastomas in flower. But only the one in the front garden appears to be the native Melastoma malabathricum

Native Lassiandra is a rounded shrub grows to three metres high with lilac flowers to five cm across, and flowers from Spring to Autumn. It has attractive rough textured leaves, and purple stems.

The purple pulp of the fruit stains the mouth which is why this bush tucker food is also called Blue Tongue.

Attracts the Miskin Jewell Butterfly.

Make sure you have the right plant – Did you know Melastoma can be a weed?

This was the wrong one – now in the green bin.

It looks very similar – the veins in the leaves were the identifying factor
See this page to check that you have the right plant:

And they look a lot like their relative,¬†Tibouchina. ¬†This site says that the yellow stamen and the fruits are the keys to identification but isn’t clear on the veins in the leaves.

See more on the Tucker Bush website

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