Apthenia Baby Sunrose

Apthenia Baby Sunrose – Label says evergreen soft-wooded perennial or succulent, small red flowers. 10 cm high – spreading.

Apthenia Baby Sunrose

Apthenia Baby Sunrose on path – red flowers on top right are Kangaroo Paw

I planted several of these along the native path against the sandstone blocks.  The ground was like concrete. I each plant a little mound of compost and watered occasionally until it took. It now spreads nicely up the blocks and sometimes over it, and tolerates being stood on occasionally on the path side.

Apthenia Baby Sunrose on the Mound

Next I put some on the large front mound which had lots of old chip bark and soil somewhere below. There are some of the dreaded couch roots deep down in the mound.  Baby Sunrose has covered it well, tolerating hot sun all day long.

Now I’m putting some around the drainage pits to replace the grass.  My theory is that it will sit on the grate and not try to descend or block the drain like grass or other ground covers will. That’s the theory, time will tell.

Bee on Apthenia Baby Sunrose

Excellent groundcover for dry, sunny areas. It has little red flowers dotted all over it and the bees love it.

It is considered a weed in South Australia (http://www.growmeinstead.com.au/plant/baby-sun-rose.aspx) and I can see how it could easily get out of control.

I’m told that it is edible but haven’t tried it. This site suggests not. http://www.nrm.qld.gov.au/waterwise/plantselector/details.php?plant_id=481 and this one feeds it to his yabbies http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=11679