The Politics of Gardening

If you were ever in doubt that gardening was political, the issue of verge gardens should set you straight. Lurking in the undergrowth of the debate are issues of shared ownership and responsibility, [non-]conformity, environmental concerns, power relationships between councils and ratepayers, and class.

Your attitude and methods of gardening tends to reflect your attitude to conservation, climate change and the environment.

I’m Planting on the Verge

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The land is public so you need to consider and manage the reactions of neighbours and others affected. Verge gardens can be, but don't have to be, food gardens. More important than the suggestion of individual plants are the general guidelines which allows you to choose your own plants that fit your location, soil, taste, [...]

2016 Brisbane City Council Elections


The 2016 Brisbane City Council election filled me with despair. For an election fought on issues of transport and development, it would have been encouraging to see constructive debate and leadership on how we should manage the increasing density of our city, how new development could be managed to have a more positive environmental impact, [...]

How green is our city? Not very. Not enough.


Brisbane has a facade of green - bushland which is great until you look closely and see the invasive weeds, parks which have trees and grass but lack the diversity and multiple layers of planting that are needed for small birds and other wildlife, and all those barren grass verges (aka native strips, footpaths) that [...]

Verge Planting – Brisbane City Council Guidelines

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The Brisbane City Council have finally given in to pressure from green-fingered residents and now has a policy to allow gardening on verges or native strips in front of houses. Their guidelines were announced in August 2016 and updated in March 2017. They can be accessed here and the Brisbane Times article with some interesting [...]

What sort of garden do you want?

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When I started this garden and looked around at options, there was talk about low maintenance, sustainability (a much misused word), permaculture, and even using a garden as an extension of the house - with massive outdoor kitchens. So much choice, opinion, and conflicting advice. What to do? The first thing to consider is your [...]

Why Garden?

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There are lots of types of gardeners and many different reasons to garden. A garden can reflect your whole philosophy of life, whether you try to be in control or just go with the flow, whether you're tidy or messy or somewhere in between, whether you tend to find your own way or are a [...]