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Why I Won’t Be Growing An Edible Verge


I was among those who lobbied my local councillor about street planting laws and was delighted when the BCC finally came out with their new policy allowing verge gardens in 2016. Admittedly, it could have been better. Jerry Coleby-Willliams offered valid criticism of its shortfalls and the policy could be much improved with his input. [...]

Converting a Swimming Pool to a Water Tank

Converting a Swimming Pool to a Water Tank thumbnail

The art of repurposing is looking at something you don't want and turning it into something you do want. Had enough of that swimming pool? Some people love them but for others, the joy of pool ownership is overshadowed by the cost of maintenance, the need for refurbishment, and those compulsory fences. Turning pools into [...]

Pool fences make good supports for vertical gardens

Pool fences make good supports for vertical gardens thumbnail

Pool fences are necessary - ugly, inconvenient, but necessary if you have a pool. But we no longer have a pool which means the fences can come down.  Woohoo! I can walk from the front to the back garden without negotiating two gates. Plus, without the fence cutting across your line of vision, the garden [...]

Where have all the flowers gone?

Where have all the flowers gone? thumbnail

What are the plants or flowers you remember from your youth? I remember sunflowers in the corners of the paddocks, the yellow rose on the tankstand, and the cheery relience of some gerberas who kept popping up no matter how grim life was. What flowers do you remember?

What sort of garden do you want?

What sort of garden do you want? thumbnail

When I started this garden and looked around at options, there was talk about low maintenance, sustainability (a much misused word), permaculture, and even using a garden as an extension of the house - with massive outdoor kitchens. So much choice, opinion, and conflicting advice. What to do? The first thing to consider is your [...]

Why Garden?

Why Garden? thumbnail

There are lots of types of gardeners and many different reasons to garden. A garden can reflect your whole philosophy of life, whether you try to be in control or just go with the flow, whether you're tidy or messy or somewhere in between, whether you tend to find your own way or are a [...]